Culture Shock: Nigerians in America interviews Chioma Azi

Our very own Chioma Azi was recently featured on air by Culture Shock; Nigerian radio. Episode 151: Chioma Azi Unites Nigerian Professionals in Philly 

The radio show is produced by Shock World Media; a multimedia production company that specializes in online news, radio, video, and the arts.  The company was founded in 2010 by husband and wife duo, Abi Ishola and Kunle Ayodeji, after they launched the hit radio show, “Culture Shock: Nigerians in America.”  The half hour talk show, which is produced in New York City and airs in Nigeria on Splash 105.5 FM, serves as a vehicle to connect Nigerians in the diaspora to Nigerians in Nigeria by featuring extraordinary people based at home and abroad.  Under the Culture Shock umbrella, Shock World Media also provides news content via

Shock World Media continues to grow as a solid production brand with projects in photography, video news, and literature underway.

Culture Shock: Nigerians in America
Twitter: @shocknigerians

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