Volunteer Initiatives

PNP believes in lending a helping hand in the community builds character and brings the community closer.  That is why each year we sponsor a volunteer project with a local organization in need.  If you want to suggest a volunteer project or get involved in planning a project, let us know!

Giving Back

Lending a helping hand doesn’t have to stop in Philadelphia!  Whether you are looking to support an African-based charity that does work in the United States or in an African country, there are many opportunities to give back.

PNP Helper’s Network Survey

PNP is committed not just to connecting Africans in the Greater Philadelphia area, but supporting African charities, organizations and entrepreneurs in their endeavors to leave a positive impact in their respective communities.

To this end, PNP is conducting a survey on charitable giving and supporting African entrepreneurs and causes.

We recognize the financial challenges faced by small to medium nonprofit organizations and startups, and are specifically concerned with those that work in African countries. We are currently working to develop a network that connects willing sponsors with such organizations.

We have developed a survey that allows us to gather the necessary data to set the ball rolling on this project. If you are interested in supporting an African charity, organization or entrepreneur,  please take a few moments to complete PNP Survey.  Your answers will be invaluable to helping us build this network and further connect Africans across the globe.

To complete the survey, please click here.

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