The PNP is led by a its founder who provides mission-based leadership, strategic governance and development.

imag1383-1 Chioma Azi
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chioma Azi is a community advocate, Afropolitan and aspiring entrepreneur.

An attorney by profession, Chioma founded PNP out of a desire to meet other young and interesting African professionals and mix a little fun into the serious life of a burgeoning professional.

Chioma was inspired to create PNP after attending a Nigerian networking event in New York City with some girlfriends in the spring of 2011.  Chioma and her girlfriends realized that there was no reason why Philadelphia couldn’t have a premier Nigerian networking group of its own.   A little over a month later, PNP was born and had its first mixer event in Philadelphia on June 16th 2011.

Since that first event, Chioma has served as a brand ambassador for all things African in Philadelphia and is passionate about promoting and supporting African artists, thinkers, activists and movers & shakers in their quest to bring enjoyment and make a positive impact in society.  Causes close to her heart include international development, human rights, and female empowerment.

Chioma is a proud Philadelphia native born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love to a Ugandan mother and a Nigerian father.  When she is not planning or promoting on behalf of PNP, Chioma is pursuing her other interests, including traveling, history, languages, watching sports and spending time with her husband and close friends.

3 Comments on “MEET THE TEAM

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  2. Nice to have the opportunity of meeting with this young and versatile philadephia creative,who has been making the blacks proud in the usa.
    Keep the good work burning,also hoping on working with you guys soon on information on Nigerians.

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