Interested in getting more involved with PNP? Consider joining our Executive Management team! Please see more details below.

Board Liaison: Provides support and assistance for the Board of Directors. Assist with annual planning and development of PNP.

Professional Development Manager: Responsible for organizing and disseminating information related to employment and professional development opportunities and programs (including seminars and conferences) and oversees mentoring program.

Communications Manager: Responsible for all external and internal communications including press releases, blogs, articles, newsletters and other written content. Also creates and updates social media and web content and responsible for outreach to other organizations.

Volunteer & Charitable Activities Manager: Organizes and oversees all volunteer and charitable events and collaboration.

Social Events Manager: Coordinates regular networking or social activities and events and collaborates with other individuals and organizations on such events.

All executive management positions are for a term of one year and are unpaid.

To apply, click here send your completed application to phillynaijaprofessionals@gmail.com

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