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There is no better way to show gratitude for what we have, than to give back to the community and society that has shaped us. At PNP, we believe in actions rather than words. That is why we decided to not only encourage and provide avenues for Professionals to volunteer time and resources, but also put a spotlight on organizations that are actively involved in positively impacting the lives of people in Africa.
We sincerely hope that you would get to know these organizations better by visiting their website and donating to the various causes they finance.
Please review the list of charities or non-profit organizations below
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African Cultural Alliance of North America Inc. (ACANA)
Address: 5530 Chester Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143
Phone: 215-729-8225
Services include: migration & legal services, food assistance, job training, adult education, arts & culture programming, facility rental, community development, and more.
Description: ACANA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that helps African & Caribbean immigrants access various services and benefits to facilitate the resettlement process in the United States and promotes African arts and culture programming.

African Family Health Organization
Address: 4415 Chestnut Street-Suite 202 Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-546-1232
Services include: access to health care and social services, free health screenings & testing, health education workshops, ESL & literacy classes, health referrals, *multi-lingual services provided (French, Wolof, Mandingo, Bambara, Haitian Creole).
Description: AFAHO is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that assists African and Caribbean immigrants access free healthcare and social services, with a special focus on the non-native English speaking African & Caribbean community.
Holistic Education Advocating Leadership (HEAL)
Services include: Health, forensics and social services training, advocacy and education.
Description: HEAL is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness about child rape in Liberia. HEAL also serves an advocate for rape and sexual assault survivors and is working to promote justice and the use of forensics and DNA analysis, by constructing a state of the art forensics lab and victim services facility.
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The GEANCO Foundation
Address: 8556 S. Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60620
Phone: 703-793-0362
Description: The mission of The GEANCO Foundation is to save and transform the  lives of the poor and vulnerable in Nigeria, primarily through the development of world-class  medical, educational and recreational facilities and programs. GEANCO organizes medical missions and is currently developing a state of the art medical hospital in Nigeria.
The Nigerian Healthcare Foundation
Address: P.O. Box 4070, Wayne, NJ 07470
Phone: 973.831.0080
Description: The mission of the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation is to raise awareness about urgent healthcare needs, support and conduct medical services, combat the spread of disease and improve healthcare conditions in Nigeria.
logo labake
Description: The mission of LabakCare is to improve the health of underserved communities in Nigeria using preventative medicine and offering free health services. 

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