Nigerian Diaspora Mapping Survey

The Nigerian Government in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the European Union is conducting a survey to engage the Nigerian diaspora to determine ways to contribute to Nigeria’s health & education sectors.

According to a press released issued by the Nigerian Government and IOM,

“The Nigerian government recognizes the important contributions and positive roles that Nigerian professionals in the diaspora can play in the socio-economic development of the country and has identified health and education sectors as high priorities for national development.

“Nigerians in the diaspora are an indispensable resource and agents of change for economic development,” said Architect Nnamdi Sambo, the Vice President of Nigeria, during the 2013 Annual Diaspora Day celebrations in Abuja, Nigeria.”

In addition to the survey, focus groups will be held in Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore and Houston with diaspora organizations, key individuals identified and other partners. The purpose of the result of these focus groups will be to compile a comprehensive database that will help the Government of Nigeria “identify and engage the diaspora more effectively” to spur national development.

Here is our chance to get involved & give back! So please take a moment to complete the survey, found here.

For questions or for more information, please contact IOM Washington at or Human Security Group at and (612) 314-5474.






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