Oh Winter Night: Happy Hour Feb 2012

Everyone loves happy hour regardless of the weather.  Who can resist the thought of good food, excellent drinks and of course awesome company. The winter months can be harsh on us Africans, especially the snow which happens to be almost non existent on our continent. To the few brave souls who ventured out on that cold February night to join us at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse, we had a great time, lots of fun and laughter to warm our hearts. Does that sound too good to be true? We will let the pictures speak for themselves.

PS: Are we the only ones wondering if Chima Brazilian  Steakhouse is owned by Chima from the Eastern part of Nigeria? The answer may (or may not) be found at http://chima.cc/site/. If you are able to unravel the mystery of Chima’s true identity, please let us know :-). Igbo Kwenu

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