Fela “Abami Eda” on Broadway – March 2012

“Trouble de sleep, yanga go wake am,” “Shakara Ologe,” “I be lady”. Every Fela Anikulapo fan will recognize the titles to some of his famous tunes. When PNP heard that Fela on Broadway was coming to the Academy of Music, who were we not to go? Went we did and we had an amazing time. To top if off, we headed down to Ms. Tootsie’s Restaurant & Lounge to get some good southern cuisine. We’ll let you enjoy the evidence of this undertaken while we dance to “International Thief Thief” :-).

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For more information about the Academy of Music, take a stroll through their website http://www.academyofmusic.org/home.php. While you are at it, won’t hurt to stop by Ms. Tootsies as well: http://www.kevenparker.net/ . You are welcome.

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