Nigeria Decides 2023 & You: How the disapora can participate

Election season is in full swing in Nigeria with elections scheduled for February 25, 2023. Nigerians, particularly youths, have demonstrated strong enthusiasm to participate in these pivotal elections as they have registered for permanent voters cards (PVC) in large numbers.
It’s not hard to understand why Nigerians are interested in this upcoming election. Against a backdrop of massive unemployment, rampant inflation, inadequate infrastructure, public workers strikes and crushing violence and insecurity, Nigerians are eager to take their seats at the table to help decide for a better future. The world got a brief glimpse of the passion Nigerians have for a better Nigeria with the nationwide protests of 2020 before they were brutally shut down.  
The stakes couldn’t be higher. One key question is: what role can the Nigerian diaspora play to support democracy at home? Currently the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has bowed to pressure to allow PVC registration to continue beyond the scheduled June 30th deadline. This means it’s not too late to support PVC registration drives and eventually help support organizations on the ground that are working to ensure all Nigerians have access to vote in 2023.
Stay tuned as PNP roles out plans to ensure we do our part to support PVC registration and other non-partisan voting activities. For more information, please email us at


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