United We Stand

It’s been an eventful past 10 days around the globe. From the high of a mostly peaceful & fair presidential election on August 8th in Kenya, to the lows of twin calamities within the space of a few hours: a terror attack in Burkina Faso on August 13th and the devasting mudslides in Sierra Leone on August 14th. Meanwhile in the United States, we continue to deal with the fall out from Charlottesville and the larger dialogue it has spurred about white supremacy, oppression, free speech and how a nation should deal with symbols of a troubled past. If there is one thing that we can learn from the events across all four countries, it is that leadership that unites rather than divides people is key to overcoming tragedy or conflict.
Despite our name, the mission of Philly Nigerian Professionals has and will always include supporting all Africans in their efforts to engage in positive social, charitable and professional development activities. So for the Kenyan, Burkinabe and Sierra Leonean communities that are facing challenging questions on how to rebuild after tragedy or conflict, know that PNP stands with you and is ready support in any way possible. And as America continues to struggle with societal racism, PNP also remains committed to promoting productive and thoughtful dialogue on tough topics through the PNP Dialogue Series.

PNP prays for peace, unity & strength and will continue to do its small part to Connect.Grow.Giveback to make the world a better place.

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