PNP Dialogue Series Saturday March 28th

If you still don’t know what the PNP Dialogue Series is all about, now is a great time to find out! The dialogue series is a fun & informative way to discuss current events, topics and issues affecting Nigerians & other Africans in the diaspora. The topic for the upcoming series event is:                     Our time to shine? African music & entertainment on the international stage-will Afropop, Nollywood and African television ever go mainstream & global?
 Not since arguably Fela Kuti, has Africa produced a global musical icon with both a mainstream and cult appeal and following. But, we cannot deny that some of the most interesting and exciting popular music and film is coming from the African continent. Yet, African music, television and film has yet to truly penetrate the mainstream global market outside of the African continent and a few select locations with large diaspora populations. Why is this the case? Can African entertainment ever be mainstream? Tell us what you think!
When: Saturday March 28, 2015
Where: TBD
Time: 2-3:30pm
Cost: FREE! Refreshments will be served!
For more information:Please rsvp to for location details.

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