Africa’s Most Exciting Photographers

There is nothing better than seeing African’s doing great things and being recognized for their work. CNN recently acknowledged the work of African Photographers who engage their audience through  a visual representation of African life and communities. These photographers use their art to create a narrative about the African continent which has seen its fair share of conflict and underdevelopment. it is nice to see Africans making news in a positive way and bringing the right kind of attention to the continent. This feat has earned the photographers a PNP Spotlight.

Artiste who made the roster include:

Zanele Muholi, South Africa
Helene Amouzou, Togo
Nii Obodai, Ghana
Mutua Matheka, Kenya
Lakin Ogunbanwo, Nigeria
Dillon Marsh, South Africa
Emeka Okerere, Nigeria
Michael Tsegaye, Ethiopia

Click on link to find out more about these artiste and their work.

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