PNP Logo Unveiling February 2013

Check out our brand new Logo. Believe it or not, our vision for PNP goes beyond events planning. We are invested in facilitating professional development initiatives and supporting social change and advocacy efforts. What better way to show how serious we are than to create a recognizable brand. We are really proud of this accomplishment and are very appreciative of your continuous participation in all our events.

After much thought about how to reward your loyalty, we decided that a good prize for our faithful members will be….PICTURES!!!! What did you expect? :-).  Okay, okay, taking into consideration the collective moans from everyone, we promise to come up with a  much better reward. In the meantime, these pictures are all we can offer. Happy viewing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shout-out to Tashan Restaurant for hosting this event. For more information about their menu and services, check them out at

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